Dornschild Herrenwesten und Gilets mit den passenden Accessoires perfekt und stilvoll kombinieren.

DORNSCHILD – Stylishly combining men’s vests with accessories.

With men’s vests (also called a gilet) from DORNSCHILD you will not only be dressed appropriately for every occasion but can also easily and individually turn the look into the style of your choice.

Whether smart and chic by combining DORNSCHILD vests with a shirt, a pair of chinos and leather shoes. If you prefer it more casual and sporty, then a T-shirt, sweater or turtleneck sweater, jeans, and sneakers will do. There are almost no limits to match your personality.

One little thing you can do to give your look another fashion twist, however, is combing it with matching accessories! Most importantly, these should come across authentically as well as match the occasion and overall look. Accessories include almost everything that can be worn on your body. A good tip though: less is often more, and the right mix counts.

Your outfit should always be set first so that you can then start making the ideal choice of accessories. Regardless of the style, high-quality accessories, in particular, emphasize a great look. In the next step, the specific occasion plays a key role. Let’s put it this way, if you want to stand out or are the right type for it, you don’t have to think about boundaries. The important thing is to feel good and be authentic. Everyone else who is unsure, should better approach it in a more reduced way.

Let’s start with the tie. During the 30 Years War (1618–1648), the fashion-conscious Louis XIV discovered distinguished horsemen of the Croatian army wearing luminous silk ribbons around their necks. He immediately became a fan. From that moment on the cravat, derived from the word Croat, was born and thus very quickly became a popular accessory among the European aristocracy. At that time, however, the tie resembled a bow tie until it when through its evolution in the 19th century and continued to take shape in England as the “four in hand”. It was not until 1924, that the New York tailor Jesse Langsdorf gave it the shape we know today. The tie then established itself worldwide as a key and chic fashion accessory in professional and private life, and that in countless varieties of shapes, colors, and patterns with different tying options.

Either in combination with a tie, or completely detached and independent, the pocket square developed into a trendy eye-catcher that makes a bold statement. Whether neatly folded or boldly tucked into your breast pocket, the times are long gone when a pocket square was only worn for business or formal occasions. Styled from elegant to casual for every time of day and season, the small scarf can be perfectly and individually combined with a men’s vest from DORNSCHILD.

Apart from providing pleasant warmth to the neck, wearers of scarves always radiate a modern and natural casualness. They make a cool fashion statement thanks to their many different variations in colors, patterns, and wearing and also go perfectly well with any men’s vest in a variety of ways. Whether in cool or sunny seasons, you almost can’t go wrong by wearing a scarf as an accessory that is well coordinated with your overall look.

For some it’s a functional and comfortable piece of headgear, and for others a clear expression of their personality: the hat! It comes in countless shapes, materials, and styles. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look good on everyone. You should be the right type for it and wear it as naturally as possible. This means you have to be one with with it and see it as a good friend. If hats don’t suit you, you can try a baseball cap, or even reach for another type of headwear. With the great variety available these days, there’s something for everyone. Once you’ve found the right type of headwear, it can be ideally combined with a men’s vest from DORNSCHILD, from casual, sporty to chic.

A handsome watch, necklace, or an elegant bracelet is often enough as an accessory. There’s hardly a better choice if these also have a sentimental value to you. Belts whether matching or even without jewelry are a popular accessory. Leather belts often look more elegant than belts made of fabric, although it also depends strongly on the belt width, the buckle, color, and possibly pattern type. In any case, a belt should be of high quality, and its colorful palette should be found somewhere in the overall look. A small color match with the men’s vest, shoes, pocket square, or in outerwear is enough to do the trick.

Of course, there are other and great accessories, such as glasses and bags, which can be stylishly combined with DORNSCHILD. However, the focus is always on the wearer, his personality and taste, which shapes the style and lends it its expression.



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