DORNSCHILD – Accessorize with style and elegance with a pocket square.

Whether in the sunny and warm or cool season, you can quickly and stunningly breathe that certain something into a complete look with a DORNSCHILD vest and matching pocket square. They let you turn any style quickly into a more chic or casual direction.

Less is usually more, but you can be a bit more daring and give a look that certain pep with colors and patterns especially with a pocket square.

Whether neatly folded or boldly tucked into your breast pocket, the times are long gone when a pocket square was almost only worn in business or on formal occasions. Also called a pocket handkerchief, the small accessory has become a trendy eye-catcher that can be tastefully combined with other styles from elegant to casual at any time of the day or year with a vest from DORNSCHILD.

The size of the pocket square should also be chosen depending on the breast pocket. The most common sizes are 20 × 20 cm or 40 × 40 cm. Pocket squares that are too big leave an unsightly bulge in the pocket. In any case, DORNSCHILD always offers a matching pocket square that is 20 × 20 cm in size for free with every vest.

You can experiment with the choice of colors and patterns, but generally, the pocket square should never be the same color as the outer fabric. You should also never use the fashion accessory as a handkerchief. Ideally, the colors and patterns match the vest and/or outerwear itself and create a unique contrast.

If you want to combine the handkerchief with a tie or bow tie, you should resist the temptation to wear both of the same fabric. A good rule of thumb here is that an identical and common color can be found in both accessories.

Connoisseurs know that you can make a small statement by folding techniques: from accurately folded to gracefully tucked into the breast pocket. There are a number of different ways of folding a pocket square, but the type of fabric also needs to be taken into account. Cotton or linen pocket squares are easier to fold than silk or satin and also create very different looks.

It looks more difficult than it is. That’s why we provide a small guide to the most common folding techniques:






There are almost no limits for the stylish gentleman’s accessory. The small but exquisite pocket square is today the sign of a trend-conscious person. Have fun mixing and matching in style!