About us

About us

DORNSCHILD Gründer und Gesellschafter Jörn Boysen und Michael Ostermayer.

DORNSCHILD founders: Michael Ostermayer (left) & Jörn Boysen (right)

Vests have a rich history: Worn by kings in magnificent elegance, stylishly showcased by aristocrats, and ruggedly adapted by cowboys. However, throughout the 20th century, they primarily found their place as part of a suit or tuxedo, often taking a backseat. The Munich-based design house, DORNSCHILD, has since 2013, reinvented this traditional garment. We envision the vest in a way that melds contemporary style with timeless elegance, highlighting it as a versatile and immediately impactful piece for the fashion-conscious man.

DORNSCHILD’s standards rise above the norm. A vest with a lined back? Not in our playbook. Our adjustable buckles are designed to seamlessly blend into the overall look. Moreover, our cuts emphasize the shoulder area and offer a sleeker silhouette, producing a distinct and masculine appearance. Hence our motto: Our vests are the “jacket without sleeves”.


Today’s man sets the trend by embracing his authentic style. The secret? A masterful mix of elements for a standout look. With the diverse designs from Munich’s premium brand DORNSCHILD, making an impressive statement is a given – from sleek double-breasted vests and laid-back hooded styles to refined tuxedo vests and edgy biker variants. For those who prefer subtlety, a checkered vest adds that special twist to any outfit.

DORNSCHILD exclusively uses the finest Italian fabrics, from cotton and cashmere to jersey. Quality shines through in the perfect fit and proportion. As a vest specialist, DORNSCHILD consistently brings innovation to the highest standards.