About us

About us

DORNSCHILD Gründer und Gesellschafter Jörn Boysen und Michael Ostermayer.

DORNSCHILD founders: Michael Ostermayer (left) & Jörn Boysen (right)

The vest already existed centuries ago on its own. Nobly worn by kings, elegantly set in scene by aristocrats, up to rough and cool for cowboys. Since the beginning of the 20th century, it has been known almost exclusively as a piece that accompanies a suit or dinner jacket, known as the three-piece suit, but was pushed it into the background. It’s no wonder that when people talk about vests nowadays, they immediately think of a suit vest.

The Munich-based design manufacture DORNSCHILD created an entirely new genre with its founding in 2013. It is a genre that shows the theme of vests in a new light for the men’s fashion world that is both modern yet timeless. Hardly any other garment can be used and combined in so many ways and creates an attractive look in no time at all

DORNSCHILD still goes a few steps further because a vest back made of lining is taboo, the buckles for adjusting the size have been set almost entirely on the sides and concealed. What’s more, the shoulders are wider, and the silhouettes have a narrower cut, giving them that extra special and robust look. That’s why at DORNSCHILD vests are called “sleeveless jackets”.

Men’s fashion is currently doing an exciting and carefree balancing act between sporty, casual, and chic.

Trends are also exhausting one direction or another. Truth be told, the consumer of today or tomorrow stays ahead of every trend by finding their own authentic style!

The choice lies mostly in the skillful combination of different pieces of clothing, colors, and patterns for a bold style. The different cuts and designs of the Munich-based premium brand DORNSCHILD round off an attractive and impressive look for every occasion in no time at all. Whether a single-breasted with or without collar, smart double-breasted, casual hooded vests, chic dinner jacket, or cool biker waistcoats or brand-new vests with removable shawl collar or sporty chic zipper vests, there collection has something for the stylish consumer.

Those who find checks or patterns on suits or jackets too daring can create a real fashion twist with a vest in this style and again express an understatement in reduced form. DORNSCHILD uses only the finest Italian fabrics made of cotton, virgin wool, cashmere, linen and cotton blends.

Premium quality design is always reflected in perfect fits and proportions. DORNSCHILD is a specialist in vests and continuously creates new cuts and styles according to the highest quality standards.