Terms of Payment

Pursuant to the General Terms and Conditions

§ 5 Terms of Payment

§ 5.1 Terms of Payment

Payment of the goods shall be made, at your choice, via prepayment, Paypal, credit card, Klarna, Apple Pay, Google Pay or direct debit.

§ 5.2 Treatment of Coupons

Please note that coupons may be subject to limitations as to the amount and/or time period of redemption. We will clearly notify you of such limitations in the text accompanying the coupon. Only one coupon may be redeemed per person. The coupon can not be combined with other discount schemes (e.g. Payback, Webmiles, Miles & More, BSW etc.). The coupon can not be used for goods sold at a discount. Coupons issued by us shall not be paid out in cash or by way of cash transfer. Nor shall the customer be entitled to any cash payment or cash transfer of the coupon value in case of return of goods paid, in full or in part, with a coupon. In such aforesaid event solely the amount actually paid by means other than a coupon shall be repaid; the value of the coupon shall remain intact and may be used for a subsequent order if the coupon will yet be valid at the time of such subsequent order. In such aforeaid event also only one coupon per order may be redeemed.