Herren Westen von DORNSCHILD in dem Männermagazin Approved.

The APPROVED men’s magazine awards the summer men’s vests by DORNSCHILD.

Ahoy and let’s hoist the sails! No matter where the journey should go, with the new collection of Dornschild you always have tailwind. Whether casual at a beach party, stylish with a cool cocktail, or sporty while sightseeing – with these men’s vests nothing stands in the way of a stylish summer.

How nice when you can let yourself drift so easily when combining with the high-quality vests from Dornschild and always look top dressed. And you can choose from a variety of designs – from men’s vests as single-breasted with or without collar, timeless double-breasted, modern vests with detachable hood, zippered vests, to tuxedo and biker vests. Completely freely after Gusto and personal style.

As the perfect companion for every occasion and the modern man, Dornschild lives values that are timeless and detached from imposed trends. Handmade in Europe, the Munich design manufactory relies only on handpicked and finest Italian luxury fabrics. Matching the color and pattern of the high-quality buttons made of genuine stone nut or horn in various looks put an exciting icing on the cake.

Jörn Boysen, the likeable captain of this ship, has always had the helm firmly in his hands and sails into the best ports of design, quality and style with great skill, ability and sensitivity. And our good fortune that we are always allowed along.

And if a cool breeze blows in from afar, vests are ideal for warming the body. Just as they are ideal for cooling a body that has become too warm due to their armlessness. Those who find checks or patterns on suits or jackets too daring, on the other hand, can set a real fashion twist with men’s vests in this style. Or express his understatement in a reduced form.

Conclusion: the vest as such, of course, has not been reinvented, that’s for sure. But this modern approach to create a salon-ready look even from jeans and a T-shirt is great art. And gets from us for it just as big APPROVED stamp!

Article: APPROVED Magazine, May 2022