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DORNSCHILD – Fashion Meets Sport in a Trend That’s Here to Stay.

For years, modern men have been wearing sports fashion not only in the gym and during physical activities but also increasingly in everyday situations whether it’s a quick coffee with friends, running errands, or at work. The athletic leisure look has become one of the most important trends.

Nevertheless, this zeitgeist can quickly shift into too casual a direction and must be cleverly combined to create a dressed and smart look. This is especially true when dress codes lose importance on the job, are even regarded as bourgeois, and you are allowed certain freedoms to choose your wardrobe.

Athleisure, a word made up of athletic and leisure and invented by the fashion industry, is mainly about an exciting mix of functionality, comfort, and good design. A fashion mix that should be comfortable, fashion-conscious, and casual at the same time.

DORNSCHILD men’s vests can be casually combined with T-shirts or long-sleeved shirts, with jeans, chinos, or jogger pants, and most importantly, sneakers. The cool athleisure style is in full swing!

What are jogger pants? They are pants that resemble chinos or jeans in their cut but are mostly made of soft jersey material. When wearing typical sweatpants, though, you should be careful not to slip into a lounging or out-of-bed look.

The higher the quality of the design of the sports fashion, the better it can be combined with a chic casual DORNSCHILD vest. Everything is possible with the new leisure trend Athleisure is the mix that makes it possible and most importantly, it should look authentic!