Dornschild Herren Westen und Gilets von lässig bis schick, edel bis sportlich aus höchster Qualität handgefertigt in Europa.

DORNSCHILD – Sustainable premium men’s vests made from the finest Italian fabrics and handmade in Europe!

As a modern gentleman’s and men’s vest brand, we live and love values based on kindness and openness between people. Trust and honesty towards ourselves and others is the key to our philosophy of life. That is why we don’t have any secrets and see ourselves as a responsible part of our global society. It’s a society that has a great responsibility towards our environment, nature, and our future inhabitants on earth.

Sustainability can only last and have an impact if you strive to make your best possible contribution right from the start and across all processes.

DORNSCHILD Design & Development:

When designing our men’s vests, we lay the foundation for all subsequent processes and strict sustainability. We don’t attempt to pick up any trends. Instead, we reinvent ourselves and our styles with love for detail and variety from season to season. That’s what makes our style so distinctive, something we stand for with all our values.

Premium quality, standards, and a fair cooperation with all our partners, is our highest premise. This starts from our hand-picked fabric and material selection and continues through all manufacturing processes.

DORNSCHILD Fabrics & Materials:

We source our high quality and fine premium outer fabrics exclusively from Italy from multiple certified and renowned manufacturers for our men’s vests. These are mostly family-run weaving mills that even have their own sheep farm, like our closest partner, Lanfificio di Bottoli. Just a few kilometers from Venice, and in its 5th generation, the Bottoli family business guarantees a fully verticalized production cycle for 100% manufactured fabrics from Italy.

The interior and lining fabrics of our DORNSCHILD men’s vests have the same quality of our premium outer fabrics and come from the traditional Brunello weaving mill, founded in 1927, near Milan. This company also believes that sustainability, quality, and responsibility are an essential part of its corporate philosophy.

Our vests only feature buttons made of genuine walnut, horn, or other natural materials. These are quite a bit more expensive to buy than plastic buttons, but they are off limits to us. This is due on the one hand to the environment, and on the other hand towards our aesthetic sensibilities and standards. The all-natural buttons are mostly sourced from Bottonificio Fenili in Bergamo, Italy. If we ever use zippers, they also come from there or YKK Germany.

3. DORNSCHILD Production:

Unique design is composed of many components and details that only come to light when you look closely, experiment, and combine. What’s more, to achieve the perfect men’s vest cut, every millimeter in the cut counts. This is especially true because vests have to be worn close to the body and there are countless and different body shapes and sizes. What’s more, DORNSCHILD accentuates the natural shape of each body with quite a few design elements and sophisticated proportions.

In addition to ongoing refinements of the cuts, an experienced, highly professional production specialized in men’s fashion is very important to achieving this goal. Since our foundation, we have relied on SOLAR Real in Slovakia for our production, which is a family business in the 3rd generation and about 150 old-school seamstresses achieve impressive results.

4. DORNSCHILD Packaging & Logistics:

Due to the short distances from sourcing materials from Italy to our production in Slovakia, right through to the distribution center in Cologne, DORNSCHILD aims to keep the carbon emissions to a minimum. This is followed by a strict and sustainable selection of logistics partners for parcel shipping to customers.

Last but not least, the processing and packaging of DORNSCHILD men’s vests plays a key role for us. We only use boxes produced exclusively and in Germany, pack the vests lovingly in beautiful tissue paper, and include the necessary order & return information in paper form in addition to a thank-you card. Because not using plastic is close to our hearts and should lessen the burden to the environment as much as possible.

If our men’s vest also manages to become their favorite item of clothing, we will have achieved the biggest and most beautiful step towards sustainability. Because with it, they have found a long-lasting life companion made of genuine premium quality.



Dornschild - Einzigartige Premium Herrenwesten

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