Die Herrenwesten von DORNSCHILD modisch, modern und einzigartig stylen.

DORNSCHILD – Men’s vests for a perfect and versatile style.

There’s hardly any piece of clothing as versatile, stylish, and excitingly combinable as a men’s vest (also called a gilet) from DORNSCHILD. No matter the season or occasion, a vest is an easy and comfortable way to quickly upgrade your look and transform it into one style or another while always looking dressed and fashionable at the same time.

Whether a sunny or cooler season, there are virtually no dress code rules to follow. Completely detached from a jacket or suit mindset, DORNSCHILD men’s vests are universal and multi-faceted. From casual, elegant, chic to sporty, you can style a wide variety of designs from single-breasted with or without a collar (lapel), double-breasted, vests with a detachable hood or a wool shawl collar, zipped vests, to tuxedo and biker vests in a versatile way. In addition, men’s vests perfectly warm on cooler summer evenings and in winter, and thanks to their sleeveless design, in turn cool the body when it has become too warm.

Compared to jackets, vests offer more freedom of movement and immediately seem less conventional. Even when more formally combined with a shirt and a tie or a bow tie, the look always resonates a casual touch with a vest. Men’s vests by DORNSCHILD also conceal those areas of the body we don’t feel too confident about while underlining masculinity with their sophisticated fit with broader shoulders.

Aficionados who find checkered or patterns on suits or jackets too daring can create a real fashion twist with a vest in this style and in turn express a certain type of understatement in reduced form.

Especially patterned or colored shirts, long sleeve or short sleeve t-shirts, thinner sweaters or turtlenecks can also be perfectly and versatile combined with patterns on vests. This is what makes men’s vests so unique, exciting, and at the same time accentuate each person’s individuality.