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DORNSCHILD – unique vest styles and perfect cuts.

Men’s fashion is currently doing an exciting and carefree balancing act between sporty, casual, and chic. Trends are also exhausting one direction or another. Truth be told, the consumer of today or tomorrow stays ahead of every trend by finding their own authentic style!

The choice lies mostly in the skillful combination of different pieces of clothing, colors, and patterns for a bold style. Those who find checks or patterns on suits or jackets too daring can create a real fashion twist with a vest in this style and again express an understatement in reduced form.

The different cuts and designs of DORNSCHILD round off an attractive and impressive look for every occasion in no time at all.

1. The single-breasted vest/waistcoat by DORNSCHILD


2. The single-breasted vest/waistcoat with lapels by DORNSCHILD

3. The single-breasted vest/waistcoat with stand-up collar by DORNSCHILD

4. The double-breasted vest/waistcoat by DORNSCHILD

5. The zipper-vest/waistcoat by DORNSCHILD

6. The biker-vest by DORNSCHILD

7. The tuxedo-vest/waistcoat by DORNSCHILD

DORNSCHILD uses only the finest Italian fabrics made of cotton, cotton and linen, cotton and virgin wool blends up to cashmere and silk. Premium quality design is always reflected in perfect fits and proportions.