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DORNSCHILD – stylish men´s vests made of finest Italian linen for a perfect Summer.

Anyone who grew up in the 1980s surely remembers the hit TV series Miami Vice. They will especially remember the undercover cops Don Johnson, alias Sonny Crockett, and Philip Michael Thomas, alias Ricardo Tubbs who were totally cool back then. Their style influenced a whole generation of men, and Sonny’s white linen suits were legendary.

Why people in the series and in sunny countries like to wear linen so much is due to the “cool feel to the touch” and the natural fiber’s high air permeability. It allows the skin breathe and provides sufficient warmth during cooler evening hours. Linen also has many other good properties such as high robustness, is naturally antibacterial, dust- and dirt-resistant and very suitable for allergy sufferers.

Demand for garments made of pure linen has constantly decreased since the beginning of the 1990s. In men’s fashion, the linen suit has so far not really been able to establish itself again in German-speaking countries. It’s probably associated with too many clichés.

But maybe it’s not the image alone that does the linen suit an injustice but that linen is very prone to wrinkles, and you can hardly get the fabric smooth when ironing it? This is true but only partly so because you have to distinguish between two types of linen: pure linen and half linen!

The higher the percentage of linen in the fabric, the stronger and more prone to wrinkles the fabric is. That is why many spring-summer men’s waistcoats by DORNSCHILD are made of an ideal mixture of quality linen and only the finest cotton. That’s because the higher the quality and softer the mix is to the touch, the fewer wrinkles in the fabric.

If you take this information into account, nothing will stand in the way of those sunny months! What’s more, you will not only look casual and stylish in DORNSCHILD vests but also enjoy the light and cooling comfort they offer when everyone else breaks out in a sweat.